• All Visotors and volunteers must sign-in & out on each visit.
  • All visitors to the building must wear a "visitor" pass. Teachers and staff may question any person in AIS premises who is not wearing a "visitors's" pass and report any unauthorized visitors to the school administration immediately.
  • All children pray Zuhr prayer. For the younger girls, they need a hijab with their name marked on it.
  • To aviod the loss of your child's belonging, please make sure each item - backpack, lunch, jacket, hijab, etc. - is marked clearly with his/her name.
  • Please feed your child(ren) a healthy and filling breakfast before bringing them to school.
  • Ask your child(ren) about their homework on a daily basis to ensure they are keeping up with their peers at school.
  • Teachers use TeacherEase to update students' grades. Make sure your email information is current, so you can find your student's progress.
  • Boys need to wear belts as part of the uniform.


6655 E 34th St North
Wichita, KS 67226
Phone: 316-685-5768
Fax: 316-685-3985


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